To ensure zero waiting time for you and everyone else, this is what we really need you to know
and what you really should know. Please take some time here to save time at the time of pick up.
Getting you on the road as quickly as possible:

Our cars consist of both diesel and gasoline/petrol (95) options. All Icelandic gas stations offer both options. The black pump is diesel and the green one is gasoline/petrol. The car’s fuel type is clearly marked on the car keychain, with a sticker on the fuel lid, on the fuel cap and on your rental agreement sent to you at the time of pick up. Make sure to pump the right fuel on your car.

Your car key will hold a small chip which provides customers of Blue Car Rental a fuel discount at selected gas stations. We will provide you with a map and instructions on how to use it and which gas stations to go to. There are over 60 different locations all around the island. Fuel is quite expensive in Iceland so make sure to use the discount!

Your car has been pre-inspected to speed up the pick up process. At the time of pick up we will provide you with the car’s conditions report. We do a thorough check of the car before each rental and ensure that it is up to our standards and that all damages are marked on the condition report. Since you do not have our liability waiver, ensuring a carefree vacation, we encourage you to check out both the car and the condition report. If you believe that we may have missed something, simply take a photo on your smartphone at the time of pick up, from outside our delivery office and keep it for your records. All smartphone photos are timestamped and more then enough evidence so that you do not need to go back to our service agent to update the condition report. Feel free to take as many photographs of the car that you like and start your trip as soon as you are ready.

We will give you our detailed safety manual at the time of pick up. It holds great information for your trip such as traffic laws, what to avoid, our breakdown phone number and information on websites holding valuable travel information such as weather and road condition. We encourage you to take a good look at it at the start of your trip. It is based on our local knowledge and vast experience of travelling around Iceland.

The safety manual also includes information about the only road toll in Iceland. A tunnel on road 1 in the North of Iceland by Akureyri, which requires online payment as you go through it. Make sure to pay the tunnel fee as the cost triples when it is not paid for.

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